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Jean Turner, RPT
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Divided into two sections, turned items and wood for playing with...

This section has bowls (including salad), platters and plates. You will also find 1/12th scale and miniature items;   boxes, clocks and other pretty things;   usefuls & friends (treen);   hollow forms and artful items;   and for big girls and boys who still enjoy games - spinners, cribbage pegs and other toys. For those looking for a special writing instrument I have hand turned pens, for lacemakers there are bobbins and other lace making things and finally, in walking sticks there are turned handles, shanks and collars.


For the the pipe maker - tobacco pipe making blanks - professional quality wood at a fair price. Aimed at pen makers - pen blanks in various formats. For turners - miniature and 1/12th scale turning blanks and bobbin blanks, for pyrographers and chip carvers - hand turned platters and dishes made of softer, carveable timbers and for cutlers (knife makers), I offer my top quality knife scales and other knife building materials.