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Jean Turner, RPT
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Porcupine Series© Accessories Information

A brief description of the members of the JbT Porcupine Family©

There are currently four accessories in this range - all my own design - using a unique method (using standard glass-headed pins) of fastening onto the lace pillow which ensures a firm attachment and no need to fish around for central pin-holes.

All the Porcupine Lacemaking Accessories© are made individually by me, without the use of a copy lathe or automated equipment. Each is carefully prepared, turned and finished, and all are absolutely unique.

Any other pincushion, pin-pot, pillow bowl or thread tidy which is held on to the pillow by the same means of using pins through the exterior of the base are copies of my original design. If you come across them at any time, I would be very interested to hear about them!