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Jean Turner, RPT

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    The website is divided into logical sections, a bit like a department store. When entering a main section, the menu structure on the left will change according to where you are, showing links relevant to the section you are visiting. Access to all the main sections is always available by means of the links in the top banner (found just below the large image at the top of each page) or under the Home button. Links are usually midblue, sometimes underlined and occasionally green, also sometimes underlined Please report broken links by means of the contact button which is shown at the bottom of every page.

    Shopping on my Website:
    We wrote the shopping cart. It totals up the items you put in your cart, figures the postage according to what you bought, how much it weighs, and which destination you pick at checkout time - after which you are passed over to paypal to effect your payment by using paypal or credit card payments through paypal. The only personal information I receive is your postal address and email account as held by paypal for purposes of delivery.
    Until the point where you have have successfully paid for the items someone else can still buy them. If this happens, the shopping cart will let you know. If you have problems with the shoppping cart, ensure that you have java enabled on your system. If you still have problems, please feel free to contact us and let us know! Please make sure that you read and understand my Terms & Conditions