More than just knifemaking materials...
Jean Turner, RPT

  • Duck's Ditty by Kenneth Grahame

    All along the backwater
    Through the rushes tall
    Ducks are a-dabbling
    Up tails all!
    Duck's tails, drake's tails
    Yellow feet a-quiver
    Yellow bills all out of sight
    Busy in the river!
    Slushy green undergrowth
    Where the roach swim
    Here we keep our larder
    Cool and full and dim
    Everyone for what he likes
    We like to be
    Heads down, tails up
    Dabbling free!
    High in the blue above
    Swifts whirl and call
    We are down a-dabbling
    Up tails all!

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    These are a serious hobbies...
    I know that I will never be a true master at any one thing. I like to do too many things, and the master usually only does one. Despite knowing this - while I dabble - I will do my best to give the professionals a damn good run for their money!

    "An artist wth a penchant for wood..."
    When I make something I aim at perfection. The egotist in me would like my creations to land up in a museum when I'm long gone as examples of a high standard of work. The realist in me says this is unlikely to happen, but I will make the things so that they could, if they did.