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Jean Turner, RPT
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Jean's Photo Gallery

This is a selection of things that I have made - picked at random from my folder of photos. Some have been sold, others are in my collection. The items are not 'fashion models' picked for their artistic merit or their fine turning, they are merely shapes or finished items which pleased me.

The photos are divided into sections, each section has its own page/s.

I hope you enjoy looking at them.

My 3mm uxi and bone cribbage pegs

Boxes and Other Pretty Things
Mopane box with my violin makers plane (25mm)

Spinners, Cribbage Pegs & Toys
My own 3mm Uxi nut and bone cribbage pegs

JbT vase yellow gum burr - 22 x 25mm Annes purpleheart bowl one

Bowls, Platters and Plates
Anne's bowl made of purpleheart with our cat Leo

1/12th Scale and Miniature Items
12th scale yellow gum burr vase shown against a Uk 5p piece and USA quarter

Handle for The Kid

Items for Lace Making
My bucks bobbins, complete with cut off thread...

Sticks and Stickmaking components
Eccentrically turned handle for someone with special requirements

Mark Cox axe sheath Victorian parasol refurb

Custom axe sheath for Mark

Other things
Custom turned parts for restoration project: Victorian Parasol