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Jean Turner, RPT
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Jean's Gallery

This is a small selection of paintings that I have made - picked at random from my folder of photos. Some have been sold, others are in my collection. I hope you enjoy looking at them.

ACEO format paintings

Salisbury Area - We live within 10 miles of Stonehenge, one of the oldest monuments in the world. The lay lines make my hair stand on end and the base of my skull tingle. Salisbury is a really pretty city, and th travellers are regularly on the corner as I pass to take the kids to school. When they leave all that is left are circles of horse-clipped grass and fire ash.

Tidy Travellers JbT pen and wash - Stonehenge JbT pen and wash - Salisbury Square
Tidy Travellers; Stonehenge on a cold wet day; Salisbury Market Square after sunset

USA - the Land of the free, good friends, and wonderful food. I have been there a few times, and each visit has been worth remembering.

Washington Crab Hut Rodeo Drum Chase Tacoma Narrows Bridge
The Crab Hut; Drum Chasing; Tacoma Narrows Bridge
Painting - Navy Pier Chicago Painting - California Wild Rape painting - Chicago punpkins
Chicago Navy Pier; Wild Rape in Bloom; Chicago Pumpkins

Arniston, Cape, South Africa - a fishing town with great beauty and interesting history. Well worth a visit.

JbT pen and wash - Storm JbT pen and wash - The Catch The Harbour
Fishermens Huts; Storm; The Catch

Vignettes of Egypt - In 2005 I was treated to an all-singing, all-dancing tour to Egypt. We got to see what we wanted to see. I was struck by the contrasts, how the modern live off the ancient world and despise tourists, the very people who provide their income. There were also people who had a dignity and self-respect, and who treated those around them with the same. Those are the people who made it special.

JbT pen and wash - Saqqara JbT pen and wash - Gisa pyramids from hotel window JbT pen and wash - Philae Temple
Saqqara; Gisa Pyramids from the hotel room; Philae Temple
JbT pen and wash - Corner Shop JbT pen and wash - Nile taxi Luxor JbT pen and wash - Fruit Stall
Corner Store; Nile Taxi, luxor; Fruit Seller
JbT pen and wash - Gisa and electricity JbT pen and wash - Mud hut and satellite tv JbT pen and wash - Can fix anything garage
Gisa and Electricity; Mud Hut and Satellite TV; Can Fix Anything Garage